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Soulful Entertainment offers a variety of enrichment programs for children specializing in bringing out the best in our youth. Our curated workshops are dedicated to engaging children from Kindergarten to 12th grade and youth with behavioral, emotional, physical, and developmental needs.

Our workshops allow children/teens to follow their curiosity and creativity while developing skills to create and build a solid foundation for learning and growth.

We currently offer a customizable Dance Workshop, Cinematography Workshop & Music Workshop.

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Dance Workshop

The Dance Workshop is a fun way for youth to stay fit and improve endurance, cardiorespiratory, motor fitness, improved confidence, social skills, and self-expression.

We use a variety of styles of dance and music for youth to learn about different cultures and strengthen sensitivity,  appreciation, understanding, and consideration for others, both for their similarities and differences.


"Cinematography Workshop"

Introduces the youth to the intricacies of
cinematography while encouraging them to utilize their voice through artistic expression. A therapeutic/creative program builds a foundation for leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence. While also developing skills in cinematography, editing, coloring, directing, producing, acting, and camera operation. After the program, youth will have created their short film utilizing the skills they have learned throughout the program. 

Piano Keyboard

"Music Workshop" 

We use music to help us celebrate or cope with the ups and downs we all go through in life. This music program is one of the best ways to subconsciously improve self-esteem, develop coping and anger management skills and enhance expressive and receptive communication. While also learning an instrument or the fundamentals of songwriting. We have a variety of activities for all ages and needs, from cognitive development with learning our alphabet with the piano to emotional expression by expressing yourself in a recording or writing a song. 

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